There’s some controversy about how it went down, but it seems Josh and Lauren ran into each other at a Vidcon party back in 2013. They had so much fun talking about the latest news/drama of all things happening in the industry they new a podcast was inevitable. Creator Upload was born! Everything you need to know about the Creator Economy. Listen on Apple, Google, and Spotify.

Joshua Cohen

Joshua Cohen is the co-founder of Tubefilter, an editorial publication for professionals and creators which has been covering the creator economy since way before it was called that. He also co-created and co-produces the Streamy Awards, an awards show and celebration of and for video creators made in partnership with MRC Live and Alternative (formerly Dick Clark Productions). Josh enjoys nearly any and all gluten-free and dairy-free food options and is co-host of the popular weekly podcast, Creator Upload. 

Lauren Schnipper

Lauren Schnipper is a digital media executive and producer with 10+ years of building and working with the creator economy. She is currently the VP of Corporate Development at Jellysmack. She also spent four and a half years leading Creator Partnerships at Facebook and Instagram. A pioneer in the Creator Economy, Lauren led the charge in diversifying revenue and platform options for digital creators and built solutions from the ground up. Lauren has worked with all levels of talent relations including management, production, team building, and strategic partnerships. Passions include Broadway, comedy, and podcasts, or a fun combination of all three. Lauren is the better half (co-host) of the ever-growing podcast Creator Upload.