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Hosts, Lauren Schnipper and Josh Cohen

Constitutional Law, Creators in Residence, and Crashes at Twitter Creator Upload

Here's what we reviewed today:Follow Sean Atkins on LinkedIn!TikTok Sues Montana Over State Ban – The New York TimesTikTok CEO says 'we will prevail' against Montana ban | CNN BusinessGonzalez v. Google and Twitter v. Taamneh: Supreme Court hears Section 230 arguments – The VergeSupreme Court rules Twitter not liable for ISIS content – SCOTUSblogWhat are FAST channels? – The Free TV ProjectIce Cube, musician who became famous rapping over samples, says A.I. is 'demonic' for doing a very similar thingDeSantis' campaign launch on Twitter with Elon Musk off to a disastrous start as the site repeatedly crashesHow DeSantis’s Twitter Spaces Event Compares to Past Livestreams – The New York TimesA beauty brand looking to reach Gen Z has hired TikTok star Sara Echeagaray – Tubefilter
  1. Constitutional Law, Creators in Residence, and Crashes at Twitter
  2. YouTube Brandcast Recap; Montana Casts Away TikTok
  3. The YouTube AdBlockalypse, Tucker on Twitter, and Previewing Brandcast feat. Brian Albert
  4. Strikes, Streamys, and Strange AI Commercials
  5. Earnings Beats, Originals Beaten, and Creators Hit the Silver Screen