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Hosts, Lauren Schnipper and Josh Cohen

The Tiktok Files Creator Upload

Today's entire episode is devoted to our breakdown of the TikTok testimony. Here are several other recaps from various news outlets, for additional context:The New York Times: Lawmakers Blast TikTok’s CEO for App’s Ties to China, Escalating TensionsBloomberg: Five Key Moments From TikTok CEO's Combative Hearing in CongressCNN: TikTok CEO in the hot seat: 5 takeaways from his first appearance before CongressFox News: Top 4 moments from the TikTok hearing on Capitol HillVox: 3 winners and 3 losers from Congress’s TikTok hearingReuters: TikTok attacked for China ties as US lawmakers push for banNBC: TikTok CEO doesn’t seem to sway Congress after facing hours of hostile questioningCBS: House lawmakers deeply concerned over TikTok despite CEO's testimonyWe have a YouTube Page!  Please subscribe and follow. (Thank you!) Catch a new episode every Friday on your favorite podcasting site. Please subscribe, like, and share! Visit our website www.creatorupload.com. We love hearing from you. For real. 
  1. The Tiktok Files
  2. TikTok, Meta Layoffs, and Reels Pay Cuts, Oh My!
  3. Could TikTok Actually Get Banned?
  4. YouTube AI will do what now?
  5. It's not Influencing. It's Deinflucing.